Built Environment

The built environment includes the infrastructure beneath the ground to the tallest building and everything in between.  The way our community grows and develops shapes the way resources are consumed, from the energy used to power street lights to the materials needed in construction.  

According to the 2010 Champaign Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, 78% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy used by the built environment.  Reducing energy consumption and exploring renewable energy options in the built environment are essential to reducing the community's environmental impact.  

Growing in a compact, contiguous way is the most effective way to conserve resources and become more environmentally sustainable.  Champaign Tomorrow, the City's Comprehensive Plan, guides the way the community will grow over the next 20 years.  

Champaign Growing Greener Sustainability Plan - Built Environment Goals

Goal 1:  Reduce energy consumed by the built environment.

Goal 2:  City facilities are a model of energy efficiency and environmental design. 

Goal 3:  The built environment should respect the natural environment.  

Goal 4:  Developments are designed to work with natural forces, not against them.  


How can I 'Grow Green?'

  • The City of Champaign has partnered with Ameren Act On Energy to help make homes more energy efficient.  The program offers FREE home energy audits to single family & duplex residents and will also increase Ameren's incentives for insulation and air sealing by an additional 20%!  To sign up, call 1-866-838-6918.  To learn more about Ameren's incentives visit http://www.actonenergy.com/for-my-home/explore-incentives