We rely on energy for heating, cooling and power every day of the year.  Vehicles need fuel to provide transportation for people, goods and services.  The growth in technology, including computers, cell phones and devices has increased reliance on energy to ensure the flow of information.  Reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy, like wind and solar power, can result in a sustainable energy supply and reduce Greeenhouse Gas emissions.  

Champaign Growing Greener Sustainability Plan - Energy Goals

Goal 1:  Reduce consumption of non-renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Goal 2:  Improve local energy security through the generation of renewable energy.


How can I 'Grow Green?'

  • The City of Champaign has partnered with Ameren Act On Energy to help make homes more energy efficient.  The program offers FREE home energy audits to single family & duplex residents and will also increase Ameren's incentives for insulation and air sealing by an additional 20%!  To sign up, call 1-866-838-6918.  To learn more about Ameren's incentives visit