Focus Areas

Champaign Growing Greener - Focus Areas & Goals

The Champaign Growing Greener Environmental Sustainability Plan has seven focus areas, each with 2-4 goals.  These goals were developed with the assistance of community residents and experts who participated in a series of focus group discussions.  View the full plan here.

Green Economy

     Goal 1:  Improve access to resources that will build a workforce ready to participate in the green economy. 
     Goal 2:  Build the local green economy. 


    Goal 1:  Preserve our groundwater supply.
    Goal 2:  Protect the quality of streams, rivers and groundwater.
    Goal 3:  Promote a naturalized stormwater drainage pattern. 
    Goal 4:  Reconsider wastewater as a positive resource.  

Built Environment

    Goal 1:  Reduce energy consumed by the built environment. 
    Goal 2:  City facilities are a model of energy efficiency and environmental design. 
    Goal 3:  The built environment should respect the natural environment.
    Goal 4:  Developments are designed to work with natural forces, not against them.  

Energy Goals

    Goal 1:  Reduce consumption of non-renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  
    Goal 2:  Improve local energy security through the generation of renewable energy.

Transportation Behavior

     Goal 1:  Reduce vehicle miles traveled through an increase in active commuting.  
     Goal 2:  Build a community culture supportive of active transportation. 

Solid Waste & Recycling Goals

    Goal 1:  Reduce the amount of solid waste that is landfilled.
    Goal 2:  Reduce litter in Champaign.
    Goal 3:  Provide quality, cost effective solid waste and recycling services. 

Food & Urban Agriculture Goals

    Goal 1:  Ensure that healthy foods are accessible to all residents.
    Goal 2:  Improve the availability of locally grown foods.  
    Goal 3:  Advance urban food production. 
    Goal 4:  Encourage farm-to-table producers in the City's growth area.