Food & Agriculture

Champaign has a long agricultural heritage.  Soil tests have confirmed that 90% of the soils in Champaign County are considered 'prime farmland' and 78% are considered 'best prime farmland.'  'Best prime farmland' is some of the most productive soil on earth!    

Champaign Growing Greener Sustainability Plan - Food & Urban Agriculture Goals

Goal 1:  Ensure that healthy foods are accessible to all residents.

Goal 2:  Improve the availability of locally grown foods.  

Goal 3:  Advance urban food production. 

Goal 4:  Encourage farm-to-table producers in the City's growth area.  


How can I 'Grow Green?' 

Support our local food economy.  Visit one of these non-profit local food grocers, farmers markets and urban gardens!

Looking for more fun on the farm?  Want to dine in a restaurant that specializes in local food and drink? Check out these guides from Visit Champaign County!