Water is a key component of life. Our region has a plentiful groundwater resource, primarily from the Mahomet Aquifer.  The aquifer serves 11 counties in the region, not just Champaign-Urbana.  With over one million people relying on this water resource for drinking, bathing, irrigation and everyday life, it must be used wisely.  Though there is a vast underground aquifer, there are few natural surface water bodies in Champaign.  Because of the flat terrain and fertile but slow draining soils, managing stormwater often requires the construction of retention basins.  

Champaign is part of three watersheds and is the headwaters or starting point for the Embarras, Kaskaskia and Boneyard/Salt Fork drainage systems.  This is important to remember. The actions we take locally have an impact to all of the communities downstream.  

Champaign Growing Greener Sustainability Plan - Water Goals

Goal 1:  Preserve our groundwater supply.

Goal 2:  Protect the quality of streams, rivers and groundwater. 

Goal 3:  Promote a naturalized stormwater drainage pattern. 

Goal 4:  Reconsider wastewater as a positive resource.


How can I 'Grow Green?'